DR110 Steam Cleaner

Saturday, 27th January 2018

The Steam Cleaner DR100 series of Steam cleaners has been launched.
  • DR110
  • DR112
  • DR118
All the steam cleaners are designed for professional cleaning. The steam cleaners have lesser startup time and maintain enough steam in them for a continuous supply of steam during the cleaning. It is never good to have the man power waiting while cleaning car or mattress just because the steam got exhausted.

Steam is helpful in cleaning things very fast. The high temperature of steam quickly loosens the dirt which can be easily wiped off. Steam is good for car cleaning as it can be used for the interior car cleaning and exterior car cleaning with very less water.

Another great blessing wwhich comes with Steam cleaner is that while you clean, it helps in sanitizing the part as well. This is specially usefull for cleaning cars, hospitals, hotels, offices, or places which azre visited by a lot of people. It removes the smell to great extent depending upon the nature and source of the smell.

The DR100 Series works at 10 bar pressure which is unmatched in the market. The built in safety system stops the heaters at 10 bar. This is achieved with help of a microprocessor based control system.  The control system always has to be complex to make things simple for the user.

In DR100 Series, use just needs to start the Steam Cleaner, fill water if required and start using the steam after the Prep time.

In DR112 and DR118, two people can use steam simultaneously using the same steam cleaner.

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