Guide to select optional Add ons for your Car Wash Equipment

Wednesday, 2nd July 2008

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So you have the brochures, you have the pricing but do not understand with optional add ons to select for your car wash?

Most of the customers I come across ask "Are all the optionals mandatory for my Facility?". The answer is "No".

Basically your Car Wash Equipment can run with the basic car wash option only, may it be KKE 200 High pressure car wash or KKE 318 or KKE 300 Brush car wash equipment.

Most of the car wash equipment have the following systems :
1. Waxing System
2. Under Chassis Wash
3. Drying System
4. Display panel

Moving on with the types of optionals :

1. Waxing System
In the brochure you'll find two types of waxing systems, Silicon Wax and Triple Foam Wax System. You can choose either of the two or both.
Now which one to choose?

Silicon Wax : It is silicon emulsion which is sprayed in the form of fine spray. The cost of operation is higher than the triple foam wax but the result is better.

Triple Foam Wax : A total of 6 Foam generating units, 1 on either side for 3 different colours is installed. The operating cost is lesser than the Silicon wax and is more visually appealing to the customer. This requires additional water spray to remove the foam from the car.

2. Under Chassis Wash System
This again has two options , Entry Point and Swiveling  Under Chassis Wash (UCW) System

Entry Point Under Chassis Wash : In the entry point under chassis wash system, a set of nozzles in placed at the car wash bay entrance. As soon as the car enters, the sensor picks up the cars presence and the UCW pump starts. The driver drives through the this part slowly. The effectiveness of this system depends upon the drivers control on the speed of the car. This has few nozzles on the sides to clean the mud guard area.

Swiveling Under Chassis Wash : This Under Chassis Wash is installed in the bay and the under chassis cleaning is done while the soap is being sprayed on the car. This system cleans the bottom portion only and is visually appealing to the customer as they can see things moving.

3. Drying System
Drying system too has two options, Contour following Blowers and Standalone Blowers

Contour Following Blowers : In this system four blowers are mounted on the equipment trolley. Two are mounted on the sides and two on the contour following system. This system is integral part of the trolley so the car has to be remain in the bay till the drying is complete.

Standalone Blower Arch : This is blower arch which has 5 blowers installed. This is placed at the exit of the wash bay. When the system detects vehicle presence, the blowers switch ON. Since the blowers are not on the trolley, you can let the second car for washing while the first car is at the blower stage. This saves cycle time approximately by 1 min per car. The effectivity of drying depends upon the skill of the driver.

If you still have questions about selection of the optionals for your car wash equipment, please feel free to contact us

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