KKE 300XT Car Wash Equipment Launched

Thursday, 26th December 2013

KKE Wash Systems is pleased to announce release of our latest model KKE 300 XT - Automatic Car Wash Equipment Extended, which bridges the gap between a Car Wash Equipment and a Bus Wash Equipment. Now, with this upgrade, you, shall be able to wash bigger vehicles like mini-buses. You extend your profits by extending the range of vehicles you can wash !

KKE 300 XT is available in following washing heights and has to be ordered along with standard KKE 300 model :

1. 2.3 m ( 2300 mm, 7.5 ft )
2. 2.5 m ( 2500 mm, 8.2 ft )
3. 2.9 m ( 2900 mm, 9.5 ft )

KKE 300XT : Car Washing Equipment
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