KKE 318 Entry Level 3 Brush Car WashSystem Launched

Thursday, 1st November 2007

KKE 318  a 3 brush system is entry level system requiring less space and height. As the cost is considerably low, you can achive Break Even Point very early. The basic equipment can wash car upto 1.8m which includes vehicles like Toyota Innova and you can take an upgrade to  2.2m washable height.

The equipment has an option to upgrade to SOFT FOAM brushes and other options like
  • Wheel wash
  • Entry Point Under Chassis Wash
  • In Bay Under Chassis Wash
  • Silicon Wax
  • Triple foam wax
  • Display Panel
  • Contour Following Drying system
View the full equipment details at http://www1.kkewash.com/automatic_car_wash/kke318_automatic_brush_car_wash_equipment.html

You can download the brochure and pricing from http://www1.kkewash.com/login/
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