KKE SpeedoClean Car Wash Launched

Wednesday, 19th September 2012

SpeedoClean Automatic Car Wash Machine SpeedoClean is the latest budget segment machine with features present in the higher end machines. 


 The equipment has 3 brushes , 1 Horizontal and 2 Vertical Brushes. The Horizontal Brush follows the contour of the car and the pressure of the brush is infinitely adjustable. Vertical Brushes are with Pneumatic Pressure Sensing System washing the sides of the car. The Brushes have X profile bristles with feathered brush tips to remain gentle on the car always. 


The equipment is very economically priced and is good for smaller towns and cities where the number of cars per day are less. Due to lower investment, SpeedoClean Automatic Car Wash Equipment helps you achieve quicker Return on Investment.


Click the lick below to visit SpeedoClean page :

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