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Saturday, 21st June 2008

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Though most of the Planning has been described in "Car Wash Business Planning" in the Resources section we felt that for India as a market, it needs some more guidance about
  • Selecting the equipment
  • Selecting Car wash Location
  • Planning the layout
  • Sources of Finance
  • Marketing
So let's begin this article with the first item in the list.

Selecting the Equipment
As you see there are number of car wash systems available. The basic car wash system can be divided into two types based on the vehicle through put capacities.
  1. Conveyor Systems : In conveyor systems, the car is driven upto to the car wash entry and then the car is pulled by the conveyor. The car slowly passes through all the stations like, prewash, soap, brushing, waxing, drying, etc. Conveyor systems are a good choice if the number of cars arriving are about 20/hr . It is not about the system's capability but the economics of it as the conveyor car wash equipment are costly and they require more space.

  2. Inbay Automatics : These systems have less car washing capacity but are low on initial investment. The car is driven into the car wash bay and the equipment moves over the car performing all the operations on the car. All the equipment is mounted on a single trolley or overhead gantry which moves, while the car remains stationary. For a market like India where the car wash market is growing, Inbay Automatics may be right choice as the capital and land requirement is less.
Selecting Car wash Location
Your car wash equipment could be the best in the world, but for it to a commercial success, it should have the right location. Select a location which has more frontage. Car Wash Business is a show business, more people see, the more business you get. 

Select a location where the traffic is slow or choose it near a affluent residential area.

Some of the new locations in today's developing India are :
- Shopping  Malls
- Residential complexes, Building
- Office buildings
- Tech Parks

Planning the Layout
Planning the Layout is as important as selecting the location. I would give the same importance to both of them. Plan a layout so that cars may be able to drive through the car wash.  Avoid a location where the drivers have to back up to exit the car wash.

Keep one of sides made up of glass. It helps people see the car wash operating. The very look of car wash is attractive.  Even though how many times I would have seen the car wash operating, I still get glued as soon as I see a car being washed.

At University Petrol Pump, Hyderabad , when I had been there for the handing over, I could see people lining up their cars once they saw a car being washed. In-fact sometimes, the owner, Mr. Satyanarayan Fathepuria washes his own car to initate car wash in the morning.

Sources of Finance
You can get loans from Banks. For any help, you can contact us and we would be glad to provide a sample bank proposal which can be submitted to the bank. You'll need to use the ROI (Return on invetsment) tool for adding the exact return calculations.

ROI Tool

Car Wash does not need marketing if you have people passing or seeing at your car wash, they'll automatically come. If you have a car wash in the interior, you need to advertise a bit. Our KKE representative will help you plan your marketing.

Please feel free to contact me should you need any help in planning your facility.

Kartik Borikar

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