Professional Car Wash Vacuums

Sunday, 27th January 2019

KKE maintaining leadership in the car wash industry brings you the centralised Vacuum systems for your Car Wash Center.

Centralised Vacuum systems have a central vacuum bank from where all the hoses are connected to the vacuum bays. The vacuum system maintains the vacuum pressure. If you opt for a VFD controlled Vacuum Control system, the RPM of the vacuum pump can be altered to maintain a set pressure in the vacuum chamber.

Just as High-Pressure Pump systems, when no vacuum outlet is being used, the system shuts off, thus saving on energy cost.

Ever had to close your bay because the vacuum was not functioning, with Centralised Vacuum System, gone are those days. A backup Vacuum pump can take over the system while one of the vacua is being repaired. All this happens back in the equipment room and the users do not even know the switch.

Another big advantage is the sound level, the bay sound level remains very low as the vacuum pumps do not operate in the bay, hence giving a quiet ambience to your car wash customers.

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