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Automatic Truck Wash Equipment

KKE offers Truck Wash Equipment in both Variations :
  •     Drive Through Equipment
  •     Trolley / Gantry / Rollover Equipment
These equipment can be selected in both Brush and High Pressure Technology.

Drive Through Equipment are selected when the large of vehicles have to be washed in short duration of time. KKE 501 is a Drive through equipment.

KKE 403

Economical Hinged Brush System. Optional Roof Brush.

KKE 503

High Pressure Truck Wash Equipment

KKE 504

Brush Truck Wash Equipment. Optional Skirt Brushes and Tanker Brushes.

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Ancillary Products

KKE Power 200 Bar

High Pressure Pump 200 bar -21 lpm

Vehicle Wash Cleaners and Shampoos

High Pressure Pump Easy to Dose , Neutral Shampoo for Automatic Vehicle Washes


High Pressure Pump Basic Water Recycling System
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