Mistbeam - Fogging

Fogging system can be named as Mist beam, dust suppression system, etc. With intense R&D, Design and High Quality Material we manufactured Fogging systems which are capable of suppressing Dust upto 50 micron in Diameter. Fogging System Improves Air Quality by settling the dust particle from air, it also reduce the health risk.

How It works?

Nozzle sprays the water in air, a large fan with high horsepower situated just behind the nozzle bank, carries water droplets to longer distance. It divides the droplets into smaller part. These Droplets wets the dust in air and causes it to settle down with help the earthly miracle Gravity. This results in very low Water consumption and Power consumption. Additionally neither the system requires additional chemicals nor does it wets the product if present.

Fogging system is also available in various ranges from 10m to 100m throw as follow:

  • 10m Throw
  • 20m Throw
  • 50m Throw
  • 80m Throw
  • 100m Throw

The advantage of Fogging System is easy installation, swift handling, pre-installed modular components and most important it can be controlled by Remote. We supply system mounted in three different configurations:

  • Trolley based mist cannon  with DG mounted on a water tanker truck,
  • Trolley based system with DG and Water tank,
  • Individual unit of trolley based mist cannon with 5m power cable.

Mining, Power Plants, Textile, Food and beverage, Waste dumpers, etc these are some industries where the application of Fogging system is found most often.


Did not find the right model?

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