KKE M200 : 2 Gun Multidrop Pump System

Key Features

  • Automatic Operation.
  • No Manual Intervention required
  • Allows 2 people to work simultaneously
  • Quick Installation


KKE M200 is a two-nozzle Multidrop system which allows a single pump system to supply pressurised water to 2 hand guns. The M200 can be used for either One bay with 2 Guns or 2 Bays with 1 gun each.

The system comes with a pump system with Automatic Pump Controller.

M200 is equipped with an Expansion Tank. The expansion tank stores pressurised water to reduce the number of start stops of the pump, increasing the life of the pump motor and also reduces surges in the pressure at the nozzle. M200 is a low pressure system and is used with higher volume of water.

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Standard Features

  • Completely Automated Control System
  • Hot dip Galvanised Structure
  • Expansion Tank Upgrade Option to Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel Vertical Multistage Pumps


Technical Data



Target Groups

  • Garbage Truck Cleaning
  • Bus Cleaning Depots
  • Car Service Stations



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