KKE Gamma : Conveyorised Car Wash System 20 - 120 cph


KKE is proud to present its conveyorised car wash system which can configured to wash vehicles upto 120 cars per hour. Unlike the gantry systems, the equipment is stationary and the car is pulled / pushed by the conveyor.
The number of cars washed per hour depend upon the speed of the conveyor. As the speed goes up the conveyor length has to be increased for effectiveness of the washing.
The length of the conveyor can be decided by you and can be added in steps of 3 m.
Gamma 12 m : Upto 35 cars per hour
Gamma 18 m : Upto 60 cars per hour
Gamma 30 m : Upto 120 cars per hour
This kinds of car wash volumes consume lot of water and water being a precious resource, KKE recommends to install a Water Recycling System to cut down your operating cost and operate in an Eco - friendly way.

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Optional Addons

  • KKE Gamma 12 m
  • KKE Gamma 18 m
  • KKE Gamma 30 m

Equipment Photos

Technical Data


  • Length : No Limitation
  • Width   : 2 m
  • Height  : 2 m

  • Length : 13 - 31 m (depending upon conveyor length)
  • Width   : 6 m
  • Height  : 3.5 - 4 m
  • (Please contact KKE if there are any restrictions at your site.)

  • 415 V AC 50 Hz
  • Can also run on Backup Generator System
  • Connected Load: Depends upon arch selections.


Target Groups

  • Car Manufacturers for PDI ( Pre Despatch Inspection)
  • Larger Service Stations
  • Authorised Car Dealerships
  • Builders and Developers with 1000+ cars in their complex



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