Combi Arch 5 Brush System

Key Features

  • Hot dip Galvanised System
  • Space Saving Design
  • Can be installed on 12 - 30 m Tunnel Car Wash Equipment
  • Easy to Install and Maintain


KKE Combi 5 Brush Arch is a combination of 3 brush systems.

  1. Vertical Wrap Around Brushes
  2. Roof Brush
  3. Skirt Brushes

The Arch is intigated with all the 5 brushes which in turn saves the space in the Tunnel Car Wash Equipment.

The Brushes work get activated by 24V DC supply. The system has a separate Electrical Panel which has the switchgear located in it. The control panel requires Air Supply at 5 bar pressure. The Brushes maintain the pressure using Air Cylinders and return to fail-safe position in case of loss of Air Pressure or Error condition.

The Bearings used in the system are Grease Prepacked and do not require any lubrication for life.

The Combi Tunnel Car Wash Arch is available for both Left Hand and Right Drive conveyors as all the parts are interchangeable.

Discuss your plans with us !

Technical Data

Activation Voltage : 24 V DC
Operating Voltage  : 415 V / 208 V 3 Phase  50 / 60 Hz
Water Connection : 25 mm NB/ 1 inch @ 2 bar (28 psi)


Target Groups

  • Existing Tunnel Systems
  • Car Wash System Integrators


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, the system can work with any Tunnel Car Wash Controller. The controller needs to provide a signal for the Arch to start the operation. The rest is controlled by the control panel of this car.

Idealy, the control panel should be placed in the control room or the pump room, however due to reasons like space requirements, you have to place it outside, you can very well do so. The panel is Water Proof and protected for ingress for normal water spalshing in the wash bay.



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