Truck Wash Equipment in Kenya

KKE brings you the entire range of commercial vehicle wash systems i.e. Truck wash systems. The truck wash equipment range varies substantially due following reasons :

  1. Number of Trucks / Buses to be washed each hour (peak hour)
  2. Size of the Trucks to be washed.

Truck Wash Systems are typically of three types

  1. Trolley type Truck Wash Systems
  2. Drive Through Type Truck Wash Equipment
  3. Manual Truck Wash Systems


Trolley Type Truck Wash Equipment
Trolley type truck wash equipment are trolley mounted systems. The trolley moves over the vehicle performing various washing functions like : Prewash, Low pH Spray, High pH detergent spray, under chassis wash, high pressure rinsing, contour following nozzles, brushing etc. The PLC is housed in the trolley. The Equipment can be un-attended type and can be programmed accordingly through the operator panel. Such equipment are suitable for 6-8 Trucks per hour depending upon the length of the trucks and number of passes selected. KKE 503 Truck Wash Equipment and KKE 504 Truck Wash Equipment are trolley type Truck Wash Equipment .


Drive Through Thru Truck Wash Equipment
Drive through truck washing equipment as the name suggests are stationary equipment arches which are mounted on the concrete floor. The truck is driven through the system at slow speed. The system gets activated as soon as it senses the presence of the truck in the wash bay. The arches get activated sequentially. Drive Thru truck wash systems are suitable for a traffic of 30 -60 trucks per hour.KKE 501 Drive Through Truck Wash Machine and KKE TW166 Tire Wash Systems are drive through systems .


Manual type Truck Wash Equipment
Manual Truck wash equipment are the equipment where either the number of trucks are too less or the trucks require a thorough cleaning. Such truck wash systems can range from a small truck washing system to Mining trucks washing system. For mining trucks, the nozzles are replaced with water cannons. The discharge of nozzles in Mining truck Wash can range from 800-1200 liters per minute. Smaller pumps like KKE Power are used for detailed cleaning of intricate parts of the truck. The bigger nozzles help in faster cleaning compared to smaller pumps with small nozzles. Most of the such systems are custom designed truck wash equipment.

Truck Wash Systems can also be segregated based on the cleaning technology :

  1. High Pressure Truck Wash systems
  2. Bruch Truck Wash Systems

Both systems play their part for a particular type of vehicle and have to be selected based on the type of fleet.


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