Automatic Car Wash Equipment

KKE provides a vast range of Automatic Rollover Car Wash Machines. The machines can be categorised as below :
    • KKE Speedoclean 
    • KKE X1.1
    • KKE X2
    • KKE Wave
    • KKE 200

KKE has expertise in both Touchless and Friction washing technologies.
KKE Wave, KKE 200 areHigh Pressure / Touchless Machines. Gamma car wash machines are configurable and can be built in Brush or High pressure systems. While rest of the car wash machines KKE Speedoclean, KKE X1.1, KKE X2 are Friction / Brush Machines.

KKE SpeedoClean - Entry Level

KKE Speedoclean Automatic Car Wash Machine Car Washer
SpeedoClean is the latest budget segment machine with features present in the higher end machines.

The Wave

High Pressure Touchless Inbay Automatic

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