Methods : The basics on how to clean

Hot or cold water?
The more fats or oil contained in the dirt, the more need there is for a higher water temperature when high pressure cleaning. Water soluble dirt can be removed with cold water alone - there is not often any better result when cleaning water soluble dirt with hot water. However when cleaning fats, oils and pigments hot water gives a faster and cleaner result, while using less detergents than with just cold water.Always use recommended detergents, and read the manufacturers instructions carefully.


A dry surface will absorb detergent far better than a wet surface, however care should be taken in hot weather or conditions as the detergent can dry onto the surface - if in doubt wet the surface first.


Always do a test area first, and if there is a large area to clean - then do part of it at a time so that the detergent does not dry on.

Start at the bottom and work upwards"


Do not apply detergent from the top down. If you begin from the top the detergent will run down and form channels down the surface, and will cause streaking or lines on the surface. Though this changes based on the vehicle shape and size.


Make sure you rinse off any detergent thoroughly, to ensure all the detergent has washed away, otherwise some detergents can leave marks on the surface.

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