KKE has the experience and expertise in Manufacturing of Bus / Truck Wash systems, also called as Utility Vehicle Cleaing systems. Vehicles have different washing technology requirements based on the Location, Type of Dirt and the Type of Vehicles to be washed.


KKE offers Truck Wash Equipment in both Variations :

  •     Drive Through Equipment
  •     Trolley / Gantry / Rollover Equipment

These equipment can be selected in both Brush and High Pressure Technology.

Drive Through Equipment are selected when the large of vehicles have to be washed in short duration of time. KKE 501 is a Drive through equipment.

KKE 403 - Automatic Bus / Truck Wash Equipment

KKE 403 is an Automatic Bus / Truck Wash Equipment which comes with two hinged Brushes with Pneumatic Pressure Sensing. The Roof Brush is an optional addon which comes with Extended Mirror Program. The equipment is very easy to Operate and Maintain.

KKE 503 - Hgh Pressure Automatic Truck Wash System

Touchless Truck Wash Equipment

KKE 503 is an Automatic Truck Wash Equipment which uses High-Pressure Technology for Washing. The Equipment uses mapping technology which uses precision position measuring sensors and Vehicle mapping sensors to sense the vehicle profile. This Truck Wash Equipment is well suited for Trucks with an irregular profile.

KKE 504 - 3 Brush Automatic Truck Wash Equipment

KKE 504 is a 3 Brush Truck Wash with Cross Over Vertical Brushes. The system comes with the Extended Mirror program and senses the mirrors automatically. Addons like High-Pressure Wheel Blasters can be added along with Height and Length Extensions.Modular Design helps in customising your machine along with quick installation on site.

Did not find the right model?

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