Car Steam Cleaner in Vietnam

The Car Steam Cleaner is a portable cleaning system, 8” wheels makes it easy to move. Steam cleaner have extensive usage in cleaning car’s interior and exterior, two-wheelers, industrial machineries and food industries. It can be also used in household cleaning purposes such as kitchen, garage, etc. Steam cleaner is able to remove dirt and mud from surface it is used on.
Car steam cleaner has covering of stainless steel which is non-corrosive in nature. Steam cleaner releases steam at 10 bar pressure. It takes 12-15 min for steam generation and it is controlled by microprocessor. It consumes minimum quantity of water for any cleaning purpose (Only 2-3 liters is used to clean one car).  Also it requires less time to clean (One car can be cleaned in 10-15 min).
Heater size of steam cleaner is of 5kW and capacity of water tank is 10Ltr. Steam cleaner is available in both single phase 220VAC (~ 20 Amps) and 3 phase 415 VAC variants. It has LCD to show steam generation information and LEDs to indicate status related to heater, steam generation and water level. Size of steam generator is 10 Ltr (2.64 gal).
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