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Car Wash Equipment can vary based on the market and the number of cars one wishes to wash. Since KKE deals in commercial car wash equipment we would discuss more about car wash equipment required for running a successful car wash business.


Car Wash Equipment Selection Criteria :

  1. Business Type (Car Wash Equipment)
  2. Number of Cars to be washed with the Car Wash Equipment
  3. Space available for Car Wash Equipment


Car Wash Equipment Selection based on Business Type
Business with Car Wash Equipment depends upon the type of car wash business you plan to run.� You can provide an express car wash service using Automatic Car Wash Equipment or you can provide detailed car cleaning services using detailing Steam equipment.
For exterior car cleaning we recommend KKE Automatic Car Wash Equipment or KKE Power high pressure cleaner washer. For detailing purposes, we recommend KKE Steam Cleaner.


Car Wash Equipment Selection based on Number of car to be washed with car wash equipment
Car Wash equipment must be selected while keeping in mind the number of car which would come for washing after 6 months of opening.� The speed of the car wash equipment is critical as it determines the car wash profits you would have. Generally, jumping from a smaller car wash equipment to the next high end car wash equipment is not much if the right car wash equipment is selected during planning stage. For example, the high end car wash equipment may just cost 20% higher than its immediate predecessor.� However, this is only during the planning stage. Once you buy the smaller equipment and realise later that you should have gone for the high end car wash equipment, you would need to spend 120% later.
Speedoclean,  ( 5 -6 cars/hour )
KKE 318 ( 6 � 8cars per hour )
KKE 300 ( 10 -12 cars per hour )
Gamma ( 20 � 120 car per hour )

Car Wash Equipment Selection based on Space available for Car Wash Equipment
Land is the most expensive resource in busy places. At times the most busy places would have very little available land for the car wash equipment. At such times, you may need to go for car wash equipment with less space requirement.
KKE Arrow Clean ( Very small foot print car wash equipment)
KKE 300, KKE 318, KKE Speedoclean and KKE 200 need 10 x 5 m
KKE Gamma is conveyor car wash equipment and require atleast 13m x 6 m and requires separate entry and exit.


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