KKE Mining Truck Wash Vietnam

In the Mining operations like drilling, blasting and hauling takes place. Due to this Dust and coal particles stirred up in the air. This causes air pollution and health problems. Hence there is need to clean the mining truck regularly.

KKE is largest vehicle wash system effective for heavy duty mining vehicles which requires intense cleaning and decontamination. KKE provide extensive range of brushed and brushless also known as high pressure or touch less and combination of brushed and high pressure truck wash system. While selecting mining truck wash machine you should select either type of above.

Second is the way vehicle is moved or positioned in the vehicle wash machine. Either trolley based or Drive through. In trolley based vehicle is stationary and the equipment moves forward and backward on rails. In drive through car or vehicle is driven by driver slowly thru the equipment and equipment is stationary.

KKE also recommends water recycling system. By recycling water one can save water up to 90% also it reduces the monthly water bills. KKE water recycling system ensures clean, odor and micro-organism free water supply.



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