Wheel Washing Equipment Vietnam

Wheel Washing Equipment are becoming more and more popular these days when health and safety has gained more awareness. The Wheel Washing Equipment has become one of the mandatory items at the exits of many construction and mining sites.

KKE has Wheel Washing Equipment for all the wheel washing applications , be it Mining, Construction, Processing centers etc.

Portable Wheel Washing Equipment is suitable for places, where the site is temporary and might have to change the location after few months or an year. In such cases, the wheel washing equipment can be shifted from one site to another without much hassles. Since portable wheel wash systems do not involve much civil construction, it is very economical solution for such wheel washing requirements.

The concrete wheel washing systems are suitable for places where the installation may last for more than a year or two. Mostly the wheel wash equipment is grouted to the civil construction and is difficult to remove. In rare cases, if the equipment has to be moved, the wheel washing equipment can still be used however, the civil construction carried out at the wheel washing area would go waste.

KKE develops custom equiment based on clients requirements as well apart from the standard wheel washing systems.

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