KKE Gamma Correlator

Key Features

  • Hot Dip Galvanised Structure
  • Allows easy entry into the Car Wash Conveyor
  • Lubrication Free UHMWPE Rollers
  • Quick and Easy Installation


Driving the car into a Car Wash Conveyor is difficult even for expert drivers. Aligning the car tyre and the fear of jumping over the conveyor is something everyone dreads. KKE Gamma Correlator helps to safely drive the car into the conveyor. The rollers provide very low sideways friction which easily aligns the car with the conveyor path.

The structure is made of heavy steel section and the rollers are built with solid through shafts lined with UHMWPE bearings. Thanks to UHMWPE, the equipment does not require any lubrication.

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Technical Data



Target Groups



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