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Wir freuen uns, Sie auf unseren Seiten zu begrüßen und Ihnen Informationen über uns und unsere LKW- sowie Autowaschanlagen anbieten zu können.

Tunnel Car Wash Systems

KKE Wash Systems has Tunnel car wash equipment from 20 cps to 120 cph depending on your requirements.

The smallest conveyor is 12m for those people who want change over from Inbay Automatics to Tunnel Systems. Rugged conveyors with UHMPWE material for long life.

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Tire Wash Systems

Tire Wash Systems / Wheel Cleaning Systems are one of the best in teh industry. Vast range of equipment right from Single Tire rotataion to mutiple tire rotations from low pressure to high pressure systems.

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KKE Wash Systems Schweiz is a member of  International Car Wash Association

Wir suchen Händler in Europa

KKE Wash Systems Schweiz

KKE Wash Systems ist für die Händler für alle Fahrzeugwaschanlagen in Europa suchen. Bei Interesse . kontaktieren Sie uns bitte.

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Latest in KKE Schweiz

Professional Car Wash Vacuums

Professional Car Wash Vacuums KKE Schweiz 2, 4, 6, 8  bay Centralised Vacuum Systems.

KKE Power High Pressure Cleaner Launched

KKE Power High Pressure Cleaner Launched KKE Schweiz KKE Power High Pressure Cleaner Launched

DR110 Steam Cleaner

DR110 Steam Cleaner KKE Schweiz The much awaited Steam cleaner is here with 10 bar steam pressure.

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